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Sculpt Haus

Non-invasive Laser treatments like Emsculpt, Trusculpt ID, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Exilis Radiofrecuency Skin Tightening,  Endospheres, and Laser Hair Removal

Founded In 2018

Owner | Marisol Cibrian


Marisol's parents encouraged her to go to business school while she was living in Mexico, where she grew up. She did go to business school but still ultimately decided to pursue her passion in the beauty industry. She started as a skincare specialist 10 years ago, working all around the world from NY, London to Dubai. She is also a thyroid cancer survivor and struggled with weight since then and spent massive amounts of time looking for a non-surgical way to help her feel better about her body. This is what led her to become a Certified Laser Tech. Now, Kita owns one of the most trusted body sculpting spas in New York.​SculptHaus was founded five years ago and has thus helped hundreds of clients feel better and look great. 


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